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LED lights -- -- -- -- -- - white LuZhou at night

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Jiangxi province egret continent lies to the east of jiangxi province city of gan river, 1.5 km long and 0.5 km wide, is a spindle oasis, by the river with sediment deposition, egrets, a continent shade, such as the south cover, become a habitat of birds. River water flow, fish and shrimp roaming, give birds provides rich food, thus continent birds is various, egrets in groups. Previous name of the great poet li bai in tang dynasty "three mountains fall outside the sky, two huge water points" verses and name. Because of the huge offshore far away, so although continent heart is higher than the riverbank, but because of the parallax, stood on the shore of, always feel egrets chau is far less than the riverbank, every flood, however, the riverbank flooded, heart is not dead, and state reason has the "egret floating tide". State on the history of the bamboo green basket, plants such as, quiet environment, beautiful scenery. Song Chunhu first year (1241 years), ji states satrap Jiang Wanli in the establishment of a huge college, set target state study in eight cities are beautiful and treasure on four years (1256), the academy 39 people reach jinbang jinshi, wen tianxiang examination, vibrations in one's hand, the Confucian clan gave imperial book "egret continent academy" plaques, hanging college gate. From then on, very famous academy, with white deer hole, yu zhang, EHu for four college of jiangxi province. Continent "YunZhang pavilion", existing for twenty years Ming wanli (1592) reconstruction; "Romantic floor", is a rich ethnic style of three-tier pavilion floor brick joisted, department of dajing seven years (1868) reconstruction. There are other panxi month pool, top bridge, ancient academy sites such as ji station. Since 1241, egrets chau has been the institution is located, after more than seven hundred years... 

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