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SM city square lighting engineering design

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin

  M city square was founded by SM group chain department stores in the world, SM city square covers shopping, dining and entertainment at an organic whole, SM city square in the continuous expansion and development, every day there are millions of filipinos who share the SM department store, retail stores, the convenience of shopping center brings to their life. SM city plaza is a shopping centre in many cities, in addition to the high-end department stores, SM city square has a place for fitness, cultural theme park, a senior theater, etc., from the brand shopping to the trend of entertainment, catering. 

SM city square building exterior modelling unique, full of contemporary feeling, elegant clever, much by foreign well-known designers. A symbol of the SM city square as the leader of fashion with keen sense of touch capture fashion constantly new elements, adjust business mode to adapt to the changing business trend. 

City commercial plaza is an important and indispensable element in modern city, it not only improve the environment, amenity, leisure shopping, convenient life. Commercial plaza lighting at the same time also is an important component part of the city lighting, lighting plays an important role in the city. 
Commercial square shape and area of amorphous and the style is various, the premise of landscape lighting design must seize meet the functional lighting, according to the inherent characteristics of square, completes the important nodes and the landscape modelling, marks of lighting design, make its show adequately commercial plaza landscape lighting design features. 

SM city square of the rubik's cube model is an important landscape nodes, should do well in lighting design, under the control of the lighting lamps and lanterns, colorful color rubik's cube, dynamic cool, show the mysterious beauty, represents the fashion of SM city square. 

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