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Can the floor lamp burn people? Halogen lamps are the culprit.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to CCTV network, recently, a seemingly ordinary lamp in Ruian park has scalded a two year old boy's hands. Seeing this news, many netizens expressed doubts that they had touched many lights, but they were not very hot. Was it because the floor lamp was too long for quality?

Is it true that street lights will burn pedestrians?

Reporter experiment: ground lamp different surface temperature is also different.

On the Internet, the reporter discovered that the shop sells basically the LED floor lamp. Customer service staff told reporters that they sell LED floor lights have radiator, and will not be hot. There are also customer service personnel, the floor lamp glass is thick, not very hot.

Is the floor lamp hot or not related to the size of tile?

In an online shop, there is a LED floor lamp with a power of 12W and a length of 19cm. It belongs to a higher power type in the LED lamp. Sales customer service assures reporters that they will not be hot. When a reporter asked whether the hot hand can be returned, customer service said that in summer, the temperature of the lamp was about more than 40 degrees. There must be a certain degree of heat when it was opened for a long time, and there was no direct answer to whether it could be returned.

Whether or not it will be hot, the reporter decided to do it himself. At 11 in the evening, the lights on the street side of Yinchuan city had been opened for quite a long time. Some of the 10cm lamps with high brightness are relatively high temperature, but their hands can touch several times.

Professional constructors: LED lights are not hot, halogen lamps are hot.

The left is the LED lamp and the right is halogen lamp.

Reporter to find a more than twenty years of construction experience of engineering company owner Zhang Zhang, over the years the company mainly for housing facade projects. According to him, there are generally two kinds of floor lamps on the market: LED lamps and halogen lamps. There are tens of thousands of LED lamps that he has touched. He has never had a hot hand. Even if he touches the radiator, it will not be hot.

"LED lamps require very high heat dissipation. If they are buried underground, they must be well prepared for heat dissipation. If they do not, the heat sink will go bad." According to his years of construction experience, Zhang said that the reason why the ground lamp burns children is probably due to the high temperature during the day and the sun's exposure to the glass cover of the floor lamp, causing the temperature to rise. In addition, the old halogen lamp is also very high, with a piece of paper on it, and it will turn yellow in a minute. He never dare touch it.

"In order to save energy, the floor lamps are basically equipped with LED lights. We generally suggest that Party A install LED lights." Zhang explains. However, the installation of floor lamps is based on the project budget requirements of Party A, and there is no exact safety standard.

Reporters then consulted the Yinchuan Urban Management Bureau, a spokesman for the Bureau told reporters that the lights on the streets did not have management standards, and which units were installed in the land lamps.

Therefore, it is true that the lantern will scald the pedestrians. Different types of floor lamps have different surface temperatures. In cities, part of the lights are also some years old. The old halogen lamps, the bad heat LED lamps, or the daytime lamps and lanterns, after passing through the high temperature direct sunlight, are likely to burn the injured passers-by. Once the street lamps on the street burn the passers-by, according to the law, the units belonging to the ground lamps should bear corresponding responsibilities.

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