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The park has changed its lights and has won a good reputation.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the Northeast news network, in order to enhance the image of the park and further create a good garden environment for the people of Fushun, the Fushun Park Management Office repainted nearly 1000 Garden lights and lawn lanterns in the ten mile waterfront park.

Renovation of thousands of lighting facilities in ten mile Waterfront Park (Fushun City Park Management Office)

Fushun park management office responsible person said, ten mile waterfront park has been built since the completion of the Fushun public love and concern, Fushun City Park Management Office will "people-oriented" civilized management, quality service concept of work into each park work details. Since March 27th this year, 500 lawn lamps and 350 garden lanterns along the ten mile waterfront park have been completed and completed in April 4th. After painting, the lamppost is renewed, making the park more beautiful and tidy. Next, Fushun Park Management Office will conduct a comprehensive investigation and renovation of the park infrastructure.

The director also said that the Fushun Park Management Office wholeheartedly welcomes the general public's valuable advice on the facilities construction, garden management and service work of the labor park, the ten mile Waterfront Park and the South Bank of the Hun River, through the Fushun evening news and the Fushun park management service hotline, and to participate in the construction of the park. Work in setting, management and service.

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