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Hubei LED energy saving retrofit 60%

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


In recent 3 months, the energy saving retrofit of the Jingshan Hill tunnel in Tian Wu Jingshan Hill (Anhui Wuhan direction single hole) has saved nearly 60% of the tunnel lighting power consumption.

Tunnel lighting has always been a "power consumer" on the highway. In the eastern part of Hubei Province, Wu Ying and Ma Wu expressway are located in the Dabie Mountain area. There are 9 tunnels and a total length of 11 kilometers, and tunnel lighting accounts for about 30% of the total electricity consumption of the whole section. The Jingshan Hill tunnel is adjacent to the Anhui border. The Anhui Wuhan direction is 1287 meters long and the Wuhan Anhui single hole is 1311 meters long.

In order to reduce the energy consumption of tunnel lighting, the Huang Huang Management Office replaced the 488 Jingshan Hill high pressure sodium lamps of the Jingshan Hill tunnel (Anhui Wuhan direction single hole) to 558 LED energy-saving lamps, and put into operation at the end of October. By comparing the energy consumption of the left and right tunnels in the Jingshan Hill tunnel, the monthly electricity consumption in the Anhui Wuhan direction decreased by 56.2% in 3 months, while the tunnel lighting luminance increased significantly, which greatly improved the safe operation environment of the tunnel.

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