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Is the pain index rising again? Wake-up lamp task is arduous

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Taiwanese get up and pain index is high! According to the latest survey, more than 90% of adults in Taiwan wake up from panic every day, and more than 80% of them are depressed and mentally ill all day. Professional doctors say that the wrong way to get up will lead to fatigue symptoms. The ideal way to get up is to wake up naturally by changing the light. Not only can you get up and feel good, but also make the next day energetic. PHILPS, an internationally renowned small household appliance brand, promotes the "healthy awakening" healthy new life attitude. It exclusively introduces the world's first PHILPS wake up lamp to simulate the natural sunrise light and let consumers wake up from the gentle, stress free glimmering to welcome the beautiful morning.

Wake up alarm clock hidden crisis

Modern people's lives are busy, overtime, entertainment, mobile phones and tablets, leaving the quality of sleep getting worse and worse every morning. "2015, I want to wake up every day to wake up naturally." it was found that up to 96% of the people said they would feel sleeps after waking up in the morning, or even 88% felt sad because they were awakened. More than 2 of them wake up and feel slack and prone to headache. 3 of them feel confused. The survey also found that 93% of the people thought that enough sunlight helped wake up naturally, and more than 95% of the people consciously woke up to be full of spirits all day, or full of optimism and expectation on the next day.

Chen Xinmei, a medical doctor at the Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan Medical University, pointed out that people can get serious health hazards by waking up in a "waking up" mode such as alarm clock. Dr. Chen Xinmei further said: "because human sleep has a fixed physiological cycle, when the body rises from sleep to shallow sleep, the ladder gradually awakens naturally. If we use the alarm clock and other violent ways to interrupt sleep, we will not only affect the rhythm of the heart, stimulate the sympathetic nerve, increase the blood pressure and adrenaline, but also cause the burden on the body. The accumulation of stress in a long time will lead to emotional tension and affect the quality of sleep, which may lead to insomnia and shallow sleep. Dr Chan added: "the fundamental way to solve these problems is to start with changing the way to get up. Since ancient times, human beings have been born and left at sunset, so the natural awakening through light is most consistent with the laws of biology, because light itself is a natural catalyst. When the body feels light, the secretion of melatonin will decrease, serotonin production will increase, metabolism of new aging will accelerate, and the body will go to sleep. Shallow sleep, then wake up naturally. Waking up in the morning can not only keep your mood cheerful, but also your spirit more fuller. "

Natural awakening, simulated sunrise, gradual awakening, and breaking away from the depression.

To solve the problem of modern people's getting out of bed, PHILPS launched the PHILPS wake-up lamp by simulating the natural sunrise, changing from glimmering to bright yellow sunlight at 20~40 minutes before getting up, following the natural awakening of human physiological clock, so that consumers can wake up every day and have a good mood. Optimistic ground docking the next day's challenge. In addition, the PHILPS HF3520 is built with 20 light sources to control brightness. Consumers can set their own preferences according to their own preferences, with 5 natural sounds: birdsong, bird song in the forest, Zen garden, soft piano playing, big waves (news releases are not scratching), and gradually whispered in 90 seconds. Enhance gentle wake-up. Another FM radio function, and the maximum brightness up to 300 degree of illumination (Lux), with bedside lamp and FM radio function.

Cai Shuru, marketing manager of PHILPS's quality life department, said: "PHILPS is committed to the brand spirit of innovation, constantly looking for design inspiration from the details of life, starting from the user's perspective, hoping to create a home appliances that meet the needs of consumers and become more humane, bringing consumers better. Life experience. In recent years, because of the change of lifestyle, getting up has become a serious problem for modern people to bear the brunt of every day. PHILPS combines the advantages of lighting research and development with innovation and technology, starting from health, hoping to give consumers unprecedented waking up experience through wake up lamps, so that waking up becomes the start of a day's vitality.

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