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LED lamps supermarket no seat price expensive Tucao point"

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


Recently, I want to get married, is the layout of the new house, the designer is a proposal to the living room, bedroom loaded with LED lights, said to be energy-saving and good-looking. What is the difference between the LED lamp and the ordinary energy-saving lamp? Decoration is a little puzzled. However, the formation of doubt and Xiaojiang, IKEA recently announced that it will start in September 1, 2015, the global IKEA stores only sell LED lamps.

While the consumer is "unintelligible", the business side is the "LED market both pace appears to be a deviation. Reporter yesterday (23) day visited the survey found that, for many ordinary citizens, LED lamp or "new stuff", it is difficult to see it daily shopping in the supermarket, and the seller has nine out of ten large stores in the store selling. In the popular performance after the "price" is still a Kaner consumers hesitate.

Supermarkets are difficult to find LED lamps

The reporter asked the industry after the discovery, the LED lamp can be described as "big", the so-called LED is the abbreviation of "light emitting diode" English, this year, with the blue LED invention of three Japanese scientists won the Nobel prize in physics. The three scientists in the early 90s of last century through the semiconductor export high brightness blue beam. "Their inventions are revolutionary," the Nobel Committee said in a statement, "incandescent lights up in twentieth Century, in twenty-first Century will be lit by the LED lights. But from the perspective of the current domestic consumers, the light in twenty-first Century, the judgment has not been confirmed.

"It's all energy efficient, pick it up. "In a supermarket near the garden in the shopping guide staff a, 5W, 15W, 23W and other power lighting box visible Goods are available in all varieties.," energy saving ", but when there is no LED bulb" when asked, shopping guide staff replied: "heard, general home where is that we use these. "

Zhongguancun is located in the larger Carrefour supermarket, the reporter struggled in the folds of the shelf to find the LED bulb figure, but a total of ten aircraft in the double layer, LED lighting brand and number one. The ordinary energy-saving bulbs became a shelf worthy of the mainstream, there are five or six kinds of brands for sale, occupy much more shelves.

Metal strip

Reporters visited a number of supermarkets, found that LED bulbs or traces difficult to find, or only a corner. But in the lighting market in Shili River, LED lighting has become the flagship shop. When a reporter said, want to give the bedroom and living room safety three lights, the more than and 10 shopkeepers have done a similar recommendation, the wall is a level of energy efficiency. "

When a reporter asked further, this is an ordinary energy-saving lamps or LED lights, a shopkeeper said: my family now only sell LED, and now are the ladder price, the ordinary energy-saving lamps too lost. "And another owner said:" ordinary energy-saving lamps on the several types, and LED, whether it is the ceiling or chandelier, my family has dozens of models, there is always one you like. "

See reporters do not understand LED lights and ordinary energy-saving lamp difference, a shopkeeper directly brought a remove lamp LED lamps, "a lot of people like you, don't know what it is about LED, I removed a talk to the customer. "In this" naked light ", the reporter saw, there is not the usual visible internal ordinary lamp tube, but the metal strips of various shapes, with a dot above than fingernail rectangular strip is still small.

More than LED lamps Sales owners also admitted that the majority of customers to come to the pursuit of fashion is the young people, especially the family of ordinary energy-saving lamps replacement is relatively small. Why consumers desire to buy limited? "The price is too expensive" has become a "Tucao point" - the reporter found, 3W LED bulb price from thirty yuan to sixty or seventy yuan, while the ordinary small power energy-saving light bulbs and some price less than ten yuan, for more than ten square meters of living room, bedroom ceiling lamps, LED basic models for three and five hundred yuan. About 30W ordinary energy-saving lamps are about one hundred or two hundred yuan.

One year under the electricity tariff lamps can be adjusted

In the high price under the conditions of the purchase of LED lights whether "live"?

"Incandescent lamps and ordinary energy-saving lamps, LED lamps are the biggest difference in the principle of light. Incandescent light through the tungsten wire to produce heat, when used only 5% of the electricity used for lighting, and the remaining 95% of all by the heat consumption, ordinary energy-saving lamps can be converted to light energy of 80%. The LED light through the light-emitting diode, can be directly converted into electricity, light, lower power consumption. In theory, the energy consumption of LED is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp, which is about 1/4 to 1/3 of ordinary energy-saving lamps. "South Beijing rechi core microelectronics technology company technical support manager Liu Lei told reporters.

The LED lamp as an example of 3W (calculated in accordance with the market price of 30 yuan), the control of 12W ordinary energy-saving lamp brightness equivalent (15 yuan), if the lights 8 hours a day, the use of LED lamps will save 0.072 kwh a year, saving 26.28 degrees, according to the unit price of 0.48 yuan / kWh, saving electricity 12.6 yuan, more than a year can be the initial purchase price up "". At the same time, LED lamps than ordinary energy-saving lamps "service" for a long time - the most mainstream of the PHILPS ordinary energy-saving lamps marked the slogan is "life of up to 3 years". LED lamp qualified product life is generally more than 10 years or even 20 years, in order to calculate, in the past 10 years, LED lamp can be used continuously, and the ordinary energy-saving lamps may have been replaced by about three times. Both