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LUNALUXX suspended table lamp: luminous flying saucer

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to Tencent digital report, recently a very unique suspension lamp LUNALUXX was designed on Kickstarter. The lamp is not only a very unusual name, but also opens and closes differently from most of the lamps currently on the market.

The appearance of the LUNALUXX suspension lamp is very simple. Through the magnetic levitation lighting technology, the fluorescent disc floating between the lampshade and the lamp holder is filled with special phosphor, and is lit by patented "long distance fluorescent flashing" technology. To put it simply, it is through the blue LED ray projection of the lamp base, and then activate the phosphor to produce a dazzling light. It looks like a small flying saucer that will shine. LUNALUXX power consumption is only 4 watts, brightness equivalent to 15-20 watts incandescent lamp, but the light is soft and dazzling. It is suitable for reading, playing with mobile phones or using night lights.

At present, the LUNALUXX suspension lamp has begun to raise funds on the Kickstarter, with a target of 65 thousand euros, and the black and white monochrome public offering price is 120 euros (800 yuan), while the color version of the public chip price is 150 euros (about 995 yuan). If all goes well, the formal delivery is expected to begin in January 2016.

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