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Onlookers: OLED transparent panels will come out

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Han factory actively research and development, transparent display panel business opportunities may be about to take off. IHS estimates that the market value of transparent displays will reach US $100 million this year and will jump to US $87 billion in ten years.

BusinessKorea reports that transparent displays are mainly divided into two kinds of technology, one is projection, the other is used for vehicle head up display or aircraft. The other is optical transmission, which produces images from OLED and LCD in the display, and the way of application is closer to the real transparent panel.

At present, Samsung Display has reached 30% transparency, which is far better than the 10% transparency of current market products. But it still takes a while to actually come out. Planar, a display manufacturer, recently announced that it will launch 55 inch commercial display products at the beginning of next year with a transparency of 30%. The industry speculated that Planar products might use Samsung Display panels.

LG Display is scheduled to release a 60 Inch flexible panel in 2017 with a transparency of 40%. The company signed a licensing agreement with Universal Display to accelerate the pace of R & D. The company said that the LCD transparent panel has been mass-produced, but the LCD transparency can only reach 20%, which will lock down the development of OLED transparent panels.

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