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Such an indoor lighting design allows you to see it and wants to live in it.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Hihsh, if you invite the Apparatus studio in New York to replace the lighting design in your residence, you will probably get a chance to visit the creative staff of the company in its fashionable Manhattan studio. Apparatus uses real bronze, such as age brass, etched glass, leather and porcelain, to make handmade materials. Their studio is a very simple place, though it is a very fashionable home, which seems to be breeding the material that creates tomorrow.

Jeremy Anderson is mainly responsible for production. In this studio, we bring the design of creative director Gabriel Hendifar to our life. Appartatus's workplaces can be booked for visits, which gives them time to clean up. There is no sign of betrayal in hand in this space. The art and object it owes is largely due to Anderson's travel inspiration.

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