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Want to eat fresh vegetables? LED lights are enough.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Who says vegetables must be eaten by watching the sky? You can do it by LED lights. According to a recent video from YouTube, the technology industry in Taiwan has used it to train all kinds of fruits and vegetables, not only to get rid of the climate effects, but also to make vegetable and fruit prices flat because of the very stable output.

A whole row of fresh vegetables, all produced by LED lights, is specially developed by the industry. The wavelength of sunlight imitating the sun not only effectively shortens the growth period of plants, but also makes the output more stable and the price flat.

On the basis of daily cooling air and natural fertilizer, vegetables are not only completely intact, but also have no moth marks, and because there is no pest problem, they do not need to sprinkle pesticides at all. They can also be used in orchid cultivation with high economic value.

It is the use of LED lights, long life and small power consumption characteristics, whether electronic billboards or roadside lighting, can see their figure, but now more new functions, so that technology can create a green miracle.

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