The H803TV is an on-line master controller that transmits data through the DVI/HDMI interface, featuring fast transmission speeds and a wide range of control LED fixtures. It can be run apart from the supporting computer software, so it can be connected to computers with various operating systems, and can also be connected to any device with DVI/HDMI output interface. Connected to the computer mainly use the copy mode, of course, also supports multi-monitor expansion mode and dual-monitor mode.
Support slave controller H801RA and H801RC, support software for the "LEDStudio" software.

Email: info@archled.net

Performance and Features

- Maximum control of 400,000 pixel points per unit, four output network ports, each port can control up to 100,000 points.

- Four network ports are independently configured to control fixtures with different chips, each network port can connect up to 255 sub-controls, and each H803TV can connect up to 1020 sub-controls.

- The use of DVI video distributor, multiple master control partition control, unlimited number, the actual control capacity depends on the DVI output device, such as a dual-display computer can control a maximum of 3.84 million points.

- Supports a variety of resolutions 1024X768, 1280X720, 1280X960, 1280X1024, 1360X765, 1360X1020, 1600X900, 1600X1200.

- Screen refresh frequency is recommended to be set to 60Hz.

- Each H801RA can control 3412 pixel points maximum and output one or four ports; each H801RC can control 8192 pixel points maximum and output one, four or eight ports. Support any modelling of LED lamps and lanterns.

- Support single and dual-channel lamps and lanterns, also support special lamps and lanterns with empty space and disorder.

- The use of driver-free USB transmission control data, 32-bit and 64-bit operating system is also used.

- Transmission signal adopts Fast Ethernet protocol, nominal distance is 100 metres. IP converter and photoelectric converter can be used to make the transmission distance reach more than 25 kilometres.


Supported Chips

LPD6803、LPD8806、LPD1882、LPD1889、LPD6812、LPD1883、 LPD1886;DMX512、HDMX、APA102、MY9221、DZ2809、SM16716、SM16711;UCS6909、UCS6912、 UCS1903、UCS1909、UCS1912;WS2801、WS2803、WS2811、INK1003;TM1812、TM1809、TM1804、 TM1803、TM1913、TM1914、TM1926、TM1829、TM1906、TM1814;BS0901、BS0902、BS0825、BS0815、 LY6620、BS0825;LD1510、LD1512、LD1530、LD1532;TLS3001,TLS3002;DM412、DM413、DM114、 DM115、DM13C、DM134、DM135、DM136;MBI6023、MBI6024、MBI5001、MBI5168、MBI5016、MBI5026、 MBI5027、74HC595、6B595、TB62726、TB62706、ST2221A、ST2221C、XLT5026、ZQL9712、ZQL9712HV、 HEF4094、A8012, etc.(Note: H803TV supports more than the chips listed above(some chips have the same sequence diagram, such as UCS2903 has the same sequence diagram with UCS1903, so H803TV supports them all).


Advantage Function



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