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Cocoa barbie bar lighting design

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin

  Bar lighting design project background: cocoa pattaya pyrene bar brand set sail in 2007, committed to the new theme in brand chain way lighting design fashion build variety bar, is a collection of music, bars, restaurants, entertainment, leisure, fashion is a body comprehensive entertainment platform. With modern entertainment concept, mature management system, after eight years of development and precipitation, cocoa barbie brand has become a legend in the entertainment business. In cocoa pattaya pyrene geopolitical center located in anshan, the people's park across the street of platinum flourishing, the matrix reloaded. Occupy the core geographic advantages, invested tens of millions of a huge sum of money, new entertainment fashion. In an all-round, top noble service system, to build a high-end personage, parvenu gens recreational temple, the next new future lighting design engineering co., LTD. Shenzhen explanation one by one to your cocoa barbie bar lighting design concept 

Bar lighting design concept: 
New smelting group design with cocoa barbie brand concept of "quality to surplus", combining with the new classical and the postmodern performance style, interpretation of the international forefront of nightclub, aesthetic style, unique interpretation of the dream. 
Bar lighting design novel, luxurious form boldly. Superposition of misalignment post-modern design gimmick, make new aka aristocratic demeanor. Deduce warm luxury wall of champagne, the collocation of color and form pleasing, reveals quality sense. 

The hall style to cater to the party atmosphere, present great temperament. Smallpox matrix lights, follow the scene atmosphere and sounds transformation, rendering real-time interactive multimedia; Metope, floor with geometrical shape of the overlay, how to play the multidimensional space. New concept 3 d lighting control system, the implant site theme party experience. 4 d mechanical system, whole space stage 5 d space interactive body sense technology, create a perfect fusion of technology and art, to build fully automated party heaven. 

KTV on the second floor and third floor rooms, the crowd positioning in the high-end, integral style towards noble elegance. Hard line atmospheric concise, soft outfit style of creative material mix build, create the interaction between texture. All sorts of contrast color is clever application, also to the application of color space aesthetic expression to the extreme. Unexpected melting pot, Chinese and western elements bring new vision. 

Zhuzhou smelter group design properly, traditional and modern fusion in the lighting design in the bar into the thick culture breath, at the same time, gather various kinds of popular element, create high appreciation value territory of entertainment. 

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