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LED lights - smartweed river at night

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Smartweed river (1), is located in jining city in shandong province high-tech zone, shandong province water conservancy scenic spot. Former ditch liao river, after said smartweed river. Originated in surabaya LeiZeHu, eventually into enough FuHe, into the beijing-hangzhou grand canal. 
Smartweed river scenic area with a total area of 1.2 million square meters, of which the river 4.2 km long, 30 ~ 50 meters wide, water area of 245000 square meters, accounting for 20.4% of the total area of the scenic area. 
Smartweed river scenic area, built water conservancy projects, landscape ecological landscape, tourism and leisure as one of the characteristics. Smartweed river water conservancy scenic spot of radiation production base, center, university of science and technology park, people's hospital, such as urban functional areas, has become a strong industry, high-tech, the beautiful landscape, rich cultural features of ecological tourist area. 
Smartweed river (2), is located in qufu city 
Smartweed river (2) which is also called (liaohe) smartweed ditch, ancient Ning water. 1959 years ago, from the GongMiao smartweed river to the south to southwest flow, in LingCheng Town Cheng Guzhuang west railway into zou and import the white horse river. 1959 in LingCheng Town GongMiao south north into the YiHe. Its main branch originated in zou GeLu mountain, 30 km. In busy interest for ns, south of township Liu Guzhuang Liu Guzhuang LingCheng Town ancient road on the set of turn south east to north west direction. Qufu in 21 kilometers long, watershed area of 131 square kilometers. For seasonal mountain torrent river. 

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