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LED lights - tianjin at night

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Tianjin, referred to as "jin, municipality directly under the central government of the People's Republic of China, national center city, large city, economic center, the first batch of coastal open cities in the circum bohai sea region to the national research and development of advanced manufacturing base, the northern international shipping core operations, financial innovation demonstration area, advance the reform and opening area [1], China r&d center of traditional Chinese medicine, asia-pacific regional Marine instrument testing evaluation center. 
Tianjin rise due to grain transportation since ancient times, Ming yongle 2 November 21 (on December 23, 1404) formally fortification, was the only other time record of the founding of the exact Chinese ancient city. After 600 years, make the unique city of tianjin match well of Chinese and western, ancient and modern compatible. 
Tianjin is located in the north China plain of haihe river confluence five tributaries, east is near bohai sea, north depends on yanshan, haihe river winds its way through, the in the city of haihe river is the mother river of tianjin. Tianjin binhai new area is known as the "third economic growth pole in China". Tianjin is the summer davos BBS permanent host city. 
On December 12, 2014, is located in the tianjin binhai new area of China (tianjin) formally approved national free trade area. On April 21, 2015, China formally listed (tianjin) free trade area. China (tianjin) free trade area as the only free trade zone in north China 

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