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LED lights -- - furong town

Time:2017-04-06 FONT:bigMinmin

  Furong town, name wang village, guzhen town, is a has two thousand years of history, because of the grand waterfall move back and forth among them, also called "hung on a waterfall in the ancient town of one thousand". Located in xiangxi tujia and miao autonomous prefecture in yongshun, and longshan town, LuXi pu town, flower through town and xiangxi tea cave four big famous town, and unitary YangXiong town, "small nanjing" of reputation. After Jiang Wenhe film starring liu xiaoqing "furong town" in this series, changed its name to "furong town". Now the national AAAA level scenic area. 
Furong town is located in the wuling mountain area, yongshun 51 kilometers to the south, east and takatsubo township, pine town, the south and the chief town adjacent to the north and column skarn township, fondle township border, west and the ancient cultural county town of red stone forest, Roy creek river town. The town is highest elevation of 927 meters, the lowest elevation 139 meters. Town jurisdiction over 11 village and 5 communities, 141 village (house) civilian groups, with a total area of 168 square kilometers. By the end of 2012, a total of 7454 households, 23382 people, of which the agricultural population 18193 people, non-agricultural population of 4254 people, township population of 17000 people, is a tujia, miao, han long town, tujia accounted for over 80% of the total population. The whole town has cultivated land of 20046 mu, forest land, 705 million mu.