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LED lights -- - guang fu Lin

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Songjiang district local Chronicles, the earliest a "cloud" woven in south Song Shaoxi years 1190-1194, did not mention the name guang fu Lin, only mentioned the jixian township. In the yuan dynasty, guang fu Lin's name appeared on the historical data, in yuan, Yang Weizhen "dry mountain" (dry mountain! The tianma mountain). In the Ming dynasty zhengde years Gu Qing compiled "songjiang government record" in "volume 9 township, bao" jixian of huating county township jurisdiction of 38-40 three insurance; In the volume of nine towns ", recorded "guang fu Lin city, in 38 protect", explain zhengde, guang fu Lin is "city". In the qing dynasty, guang fu Lin is in town. The songjiang government record (jiaqing), volume 2, territory, tzu chi town, city "records" guang fu Lin, in 38, a HuangFuLin ". To enter the republic of China, guang fu Lin is qingpu Chen Guangchen area namely Chen fang bridge town, guang fu Lin town and hills. Pine street, songjiang district, now.

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