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LED lights, wuhan has a "golden gate bridge"

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In 1579, British explorer FrancisDrake found the link of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco a channel, this is the golden gate later. Despite the name used in early before the gold rush of 1849, but the gold rush that golden gate (entry into the north California) has become an indispensable part of the mysterious charm of California. As early as 1872, discussed the idea of want to build a bridge on the golden gate, but it was not until 1937 that built a suspension bridge in the channel. The golden gate bridge across the north and the south, the city of San Francisco and Marin county. Spent more than four years time to build the bridge is one of the most beautiful structures in the world. It is not the longest suspension bridge in the world, but it is one of the most famous. Huge bridge tower of the bridge 227 meters high, 6412 metric tons, each a cable wire twisted by 27000. Established in January 1933, the first opened in May 1937. 
The conception of the original bridge of the bridge engineer Joseph strauss. Strauss in previous design more than 400 inland small Bridges. He spent 10 years lobbying the residents of the northern California. The bridge of the other major designers include determination of its artistic modelling and color alvin mauro, cooperation for complex mathematical calculations engineer Charles Ellis, bridge designers Leon moi seve. 
Bridge began on January 5, 1933, completed in April 1937, the same year on May 27, opening to the outside world to the pedestrian. Strauss in south pier before pouring concrete into a piece from his Alma mater, the university of Cincinnati, Ohio bricks. The next day, as the President Roosevelt, press a button in Washington, dc, the bridge opened to vehicle use. 
San Francisco area of voters in their own homes, farms and companies for mortgages, release the initial $35 million project bonds. In 1977, the last a bond is paid, the principal of $35 million and $39 million in interest income from bridge tolls. 
In 1869, the American "emperor" NORTON I ordered to build a suspension bridge in the San Francisco bay, and then a couple of times a letter to the orders from Bridges. And his other imperial edict, not only was the imperial edict finally tao pursues, and thanks to him, just late more than 60 years, in 1933, the San Francisco began planning in NORTON I the address of the suspension bridge, in 1936, the city of the world's most famous bridge -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the golden gate bridge is built, in which a bridge on remembrance of NORTON I "traveler, please stop and thank the emperor NORTON and Mexico protectors I (reigned 1859-1880) he prescient, idea and ordered in the San Francisco bay bridge".