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Seoul, South Korea lotte center lighting design, elegant and pleasant!

Time:2017-04-06 FONT:bigMinmin

  Commercial shopping center lighting design is to meet people in consumer shopping activities, more cheerful spirit communication, elegant and pleasant environment landscape, pleasant and comfortable experience of body and mind. Shopping center lighting environment perfect performance will be at the mall shopping environment play a crucial role in shaping. 
South Korea's lotte night scene illumination design, make full use of the space, the concept of visual landmark, to create a bright, colorful trademark shopping place, let people at the party, entertainment, purchase goods, dining, etc. Can be in a happy, active, comfortable environment. 

Seoul lotte department store building nightscape lighting design, do not break, the building facade, under the arrangement of lamps and lanterns and dress up like a beautiful curtain, intelligent lighting control system, the media's great lamplight, triggered a stop, guides the people shopping consumption, is a successful commercial brand communication.