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Star hotel lighting design - Vienna hotel

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin

  Vienna hotel was founded in 1993, is the world's first "music art" as the theme of the hotel chain, adhere to for customers to create "the five-star experience, samsung consumption" at the core of strategy, consumer value set "create world brand, set up in one hundred cause" of the future vision and to shape the belongs to China national brand as own duty, the world's top hotel 
With food, sleeping, elegant, luxurious for product design concept, provide guests with delicious, elegant, luxurious, security and comfortable hotel products and services, make the guests enjoy the noble experience beyond the expected. 
An aerial view of Vienna hotel lighting design: 

1. The design positioning 
Noble and elegant, leading the fashion trend, the use of the aesthetic expression of architectural characteristics of lamplight, seemingly simple design, everywhere reflect the designer's idea. 
Design 2. 
Hotel use sketch gray lighting technique create a low-key costly feeling, use cast more light and reflect the structural characteristics of buildings, buried lamp use modelling elegant wall lamp light connotation of extend its function, shape the luxuriant, delicate, elegant visual feast. 
Door of Vienna hotel lighting design. 

Renderings show 
Construction as a whole is given priority to with warm color to move, at the top of the multi-purpose illumination reflect architectural structure and light; Facade adopts buried lights and project-light lamp combination of build a magnificent refined and do not break the lights of the charm, brown roof use blue line pipe contours, make the whole population of light into the novel, lively emotional appeal. 
Color temperature distribution 
According to the characteristic of the architectural structure of the set of different color temperature, make lighting design is concise and not simple. 
Vienna hotel lighting design, the general lighting design is to do with dot, line, face a very direct, as people's demand for culture, a new future in Vienna hotel lighting design overall image is also a thoughtful, improvement of living standards, slowly will require not just simple rendering of an object. Vienna hotel lighting design is more in need of some art, also needs to have diversity. The color of the light is not only bright, but colorful. 
Vienna will jindu hotel lighting design. 

In the hotel lighting design, want to notice to seek the same in different places. Lighting lighting design because of the space the designer of the requirements, by the light on the surface of the evolution to a deeper level. Is fully considered the night lights, join the lighting equipment in appearance, make the space become illuminated eye-catching signs. 
In hotel lighting design, also be especially do three things: 
(1), useful - maintenance rate, high energy saving efficiency; 
(2), natural light source color temperature distribution and material environment of lamps and lanterns collocation; 
(3), uniqueness - design the overall visual aesthetic feeling, unique special lamps and lanterns. 
In the design of the hotel lighting or light is the clubhouse, lighting design is to have it fixed mode, in every place, are controlled to some extent. Everyone present way is different, according to the certain understanding to do it, show a unique squares. Actually don't need a lot of things in the direct way to express, can also use the background to present physical beautiful side, use different methods to achieve the same purpose. However, the requirement to the intensity of illumination, equipment specification requirements, or to follow certain rules. Designers in the design process, as long as after careful consideration, considerate in every detail, what time is good with LED, for example, when is it convenient to use energy-efficient light bulbs, strengthen the humanized design concept. Unique design solutions, the most appropriate location, the highest added value.