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5 million 100 thousand, Sichuan Yibin auction LED display outdoor advertising

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


Recently, Sichuan, Yibin, the first LED electronic display outdoor advertising booth successful auction, after several bids, the final bidder to 5 million 100 thousand yuan to get this piece of advertising booth.

LED electronic display advertising auction, located in the North Street Tree in Cuiping District just building area of 100 square meters, with 5 years of advertising rights. Just because the tree building is mixed commercial and residential property and private property, public cross, in order to avoid the impact to residents and businesses, advertising in the time limit as early as 8 to 9, and prohibit the broadcast audio advertising.

From the beginning of 2010, Yibin city started the center city outdoor advertising special rectification work, by the end of 2013 the city all non-standard outdoor advertising facilities all removed, the center city outdoor advertising into a unified planning, unified planning, outdoor advertising into the development track of standardization.

The auction LED electronic display outdoor advertising booth is the first time in Yibin, is still in the exploratory stage. Therefore, in the auction process, the Yibin municipal government specially invited court staff on-site interpretation, said although the contract is not specified, but in accordance with the relevant provisions in the contract period, if the government dismantled the LED electronic display, will give the bidders compensation. The expiration of the contract period, the government will be free to recover the right to use the outdoor advertising LED electronic display, bidders need to ensure that the full set of LED electronic display device work, function intact.

The auction proceeds of 5 million 100 thousand yuan will be all turned over to the Treasury, we decided to set aside as part of the city's advertising management fund, specifically for advertising supervision, follow-up dispute compensation. Yibin municipal government official said.

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