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Domestic LED market expands greatly, Ningbo lighting enterprises compete for business opportunities

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


As we all know, Ningbo is a well-known place for the production of lamps and lanterns. In LED lighting, Ningbo also owns more than 1100 finished products or accessories enterprises, and LED products of some large enterprises are mature in technology and reliable in quality.

But for a long time, the products of LED lighting enterprises in Ningbo are mainly facing the international market. However, with the rapid start of the domestic market, Ningbo LED enterprises have also intensified their efforts to expand the domestic market.

According to the "semiconductor lighting energy conservation industry plan" jointly issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology, the output value of LED lighting and energy saving industry has increased by 30% annually, reaching 450 billion yuan in 2015, of which LED lighting application product is 180 billion yuan.

The sales structure of Ningbo lamps and lanterns industry also confirms this judgement. Statistics of Ningbo Lighting Association show that last year, the number of enterprises engaged in the production of LED lighting products in Ningbo reached a record more than 1100, and the total sales volume of the luminaire industry was about 45 billion yuan, of which LED accounted for 23 billion yuan, the first time it exceeded the traditional lamps and lanterns. Last year, sales of LED products increased by nearly 7 times compared with 2008.

"Ningbo LED lighting enterprises are mostly export-oriented enterprises, although the technology and product quality is good, but the brand and sales channels are relatively weak," Ren Fengbo, Secretary General of Ningbo Electronics Industry Association and Ningbo semiconductor lighting branch, told reporters. But this situation is changing quietly.

The street lamps have been replaced by LED street lamps on the roads of Hong Tang street in Jiangbei. It is reported that these LED street lamps are produced by Limited by Share Ltd, Ningbo Liaoyuan lamps and lanterns. In the future, they will also aim at the city's road lighting market. According to the introduction, because of the first step in the road lighting market, the products of Liaoyuan company have been applied to many street lamps and landscape lamps in many cities in China.

Like Liaoyuan lamps, they will aim at the domestic market as well as the ascending spectrum photoelectric. At the end of last year, Ningbo Sheng Pu photoelectric semiconductor Co., Ltd., located in the hi tech Zone, officially opened shop in Tmall with "SUNPU LED" as its brand, and launched 5 series of LED lighting products. This is the attempt of Ningbo LED enterprise in the electricity supplier.

Another fast developing export-oriented luminaire, Ningbo Kai Yao electrical appliances manufacturing Co., has also set its sights on the domestic market. Shen Yanwei, general manager of Kai Yao electrical appliance company, told reporters that Kai Yao's LED products are mainly indoor lighting. LED product development plan covers home, industrial and mining, office, business, hotel, outdoor, building, sports venues lighting, etc. at present, Kaye has built a dealer network covering all parts of the country, ready to spend 3~5 years. To achieve domestic and foreign trade simultaneously.

"The scale of the domestic market is huge, and now all the governments are considering LED to be included in the new promotion plan. At the same time, due to price reduction, LED products entering household lighting is also the trend of the times, so the business opportunities in the domestic market must not be missed." Ren Fengbo said. According to her introduction, at present, hundreds of Ningbo LED lighting enterprises have adopted various methods to expand the domestic market.

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