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Expansion of domestic LED lighting market and breakthrough of differentiated development of enterprises

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Southeast China Daily News, in the background of the decline in foreign trade, but the domestic LED lighting market continues to expand, in the context of strong R & D capability and good product quality, but how can Ningbo enterprises with relatively weak channels and brands change? This has become a major proposition for Ningbo's lighting industry to break through.

Large expansion of LED lighting market in China

With the continuous upgrading of the national public lighting LED upgrading, the domestic LED lighting market space is showing explosive growth.

Last month, the Municipal Economic Commission and the municipal public resources exchange management office held a government investment (Procurement) project docking with local LED enterprises in the 2015 China (Ningbo) International luminaire LED lighting exhibition. The information delivered at the docking conference will inspire Ningbo LED Enterprises: more than 40 public utilities in Ningbo will start the LED energy saving transformation this month.

As far as Ningbo market is concerned, the market capacity of LED lighting is also expanding. Last year, Jiangbei new urban road lighting contract energy management project completed in Ningbo, and 5083 street lamps were transformed into LED lighting. The municipal government has introduced the implementation plan of LED lighting transformation for municipal public institutions, plans to invest 60 million yuan, and completes the LED lighting renovation work of 130 public institutions in 5 years or so to form an annual energy saving capacity of 6 million 500 thousand kwh.

According to the analysis of the industry, more and more consumers choose to buy high efficiency and environmentally-friendly LED instead of incandescent lamps and energy saving lamps because of the improvement of the quality of LED lamps and the continuous decrease of their cost.

According to the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology and other departments jointly issued the "LED energy saving plan" forecast: in 2015, China's LED lighting output value will reach 450 billion yuan. Among them, LED lighting application products nearly 200 billion yuan. Insiders say that the next three years will be the "golden age" for the development of LED industry.

Tree brand, expand domestic market

The domestic market share is very large, but a very realistic problem is placed in front of Ningbo LED lamps manufacturers, accustomed to making Ningbo LED lamps manufacturers of foreign trade OEM. The brand influence is very weak.

"The LED lighting industry in Ningbo relies heavily on OEM and foreign trade, without accumulating its own brand awareness." A LED lighting industry insider said, the quality of Ningbo LED products is not bad. Many OEM enterprises have certain R & D and design capabilities. From research to innovative design, most of them are completed by Ningbo enterprises themselves, and the upstream brands only provide product trademarks.

Faced with the temptation of the domestic market, many LED enterprises have chosen to fight their own brands. "We use the money earned by foreign manufacturers for OEM to serve as an independent brand in the domestic market." The head of a large LED enterprise in Ningbo said.

Of course, it is also a strategy to fight our own brand. LED companies in our city have come up with their own tricks.

"Our strength is the bulb." Shen Yingcan, assistant general manager of Ningbo Kay Yao general manager, said that Kay Yao will be the first year of the brand this year. Instead of making full circulation products, the product will be positioned as an application lighting area such as bulb and flat panel lamps. In order to enhance brand awareness, Kai Yao set up a more than 500 square meter brand flagship store in Wahson Lighting City, Xiaogang, Beilun, Ningbo, and set up Kay Yao store in Zou District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, LED. In the second half of 2015, we will continue to increase publicity and promotion efforts on brands.

Ningbo Qian Feng Zhen industry chose to practice "internal strength" in the certification system. Ningbo Qian Feng Zhen lighting has acquired a large number of LED special testing equipment and instruments to ensure a large number of finished products pass rate. Gu Zhenwu, general manager, said, "with the guarantee of good products, the independent brand has a strong reputation. Last year, we realized sales of 160 million yuan and output value of 180 million yuan."

Another LED leading enterprise in our city is the brand of e-commerce. Last year, SUN-PULED was officially launched in Tmall, and 5 series of LED lighting products were launched.

Differentiated development strives to break through domestic market

In the field of export, the products of Ningbo LED lamps are concentrated in bulbs, outdoor lights and other fields. The homogenization of products is serious, resulting in vicious competition and a decline in profit margins. Facing the domestic market, Ningbo LED lamps and lanterns enterprises have increased the research and development of new products, and began to strive for differentiated development.

"High-end LED lighting is basically occupied by foreign brands, so we aim at the low bulb 3 to 9W bulbs and the dome lamp market, which belong to the brand blank area," Shen Yingcan said. "Our flat price has nearly 100 yuan, and the quality products in the market need 140 yuan to 150 yuan." At present, our distribution network is already full of the whole country.

As the largest special lamp manufacturer in the country, Ningbo Liaoyuan lamps and lanterns Limited by Share Ltd products cover high-power LED outdoor lighting, garden lights, factory lights, tunnel lights, explosion-proof lights, landscape lights, etc., in the face of the domestic market, the company "played" a new channel mode. Liaoyuan lamps and lanterns responsible person said, at the end of last year, Liaoyuan lamps and lanterns formulated two strategies: "Ryohara Chihikaru intelligent LED home lighting promotion" and e-commerce platform operation. Among them, "Ryohara Chihikaru intelligent LED home lighting promotion" adopts the "thousand store plan" form, the prairie boutique smart home products will be extended to users through the form of experiential shops. In a sense, prairie boutique smart home products sell "experience" is not purely LED lighting products. In order to increase consumer experience, they put forward three "free": free trial for customers, free design and free maintenance.

Similarly, Yuyao LED lighting enterprises began to build industrial centers and embrace development. Founded in 2013, Yuyao Semiconductor Lighting Co innovation and R & D center has set up more than ten leading enterprises in semiconductor lighting industry, covering chip, packaging, lens, drive and control. "We will combine many upstream and downstream enterprises to a center, take advantage of this platform to tackle technical problems, share resources, push the market together and develop together," Ren Fengbo said. Once the platform is successful, it will become a breakthrough in the homogenization competition of LED lighting in Ningbo.

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