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Guangzhou Luogang will replace 23 thousand LED lights enabled networking intelligent management

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The government does not spend a penny, lighting to enhance the quality of 10%-30%, an average of more than 55% energy saving, saving electricity 2 million 850 thousand yuan. Recently, the Luogang District CPPCC is the two session of the three meeting of the "Internet of things" on the application of intelligent lighting management platform to build smart city "proposal" proposal to "look back", according to the proposal, the government procurement and public bidding requirements, will have been built area more than 2 streetlights to replace all LED intelligent lights for the Internet of things at the same time for the control of information, knowledge of the city can be built Street area, step by step implementation.

It is understood that the Luogang District to build LED lights intelligent management platform unified, all LED light transformation to achieve single lamp intelligent management, the new public park road, to achieve a single lamp can be adjusted and controlled monitoring.

The western "intelligent streetlight" demonstration of the transformation of high value

By the end of 2011, West Riverside Road, East River Road, Qingnian Road, Jinbi Road, the development of road and other roads 4399 old municipal street facing upgrade. Comparison of district government through various investigation and actual test, the final selected Development Zone Enterprises -- rongwen energy science and technology limited company of west old street upgrading energy saving. The project uses IOT intelligent lighting control system, application of contract energy management, to create a smart streetlight application pilot project.

The so-called "Internet of things, intelligent lighting control system, is the application of networking technology in front of the road lighting control system. It can precisely control each street lamp operation, according to the demand of lighting.

The use of contract energy management of the project, changed the city lighting system transformed from the traditional financial investment. In practice, the district government zero investment, rongwen company funded the overall transformation of the West Street, cooperation period of 10 years. Within this period, rongwen company and district government share the benefits of energy saving 9:1, rongwen Company lighting and control system for free maintenance. After the expiration of the contract rongwen company free delivery system equipment, by the district government enjoys the benefits of energy saving.

Because there is no re laying of lines, as long as the replacement of the original street lamps, and the installation of intelligent electrical box, the energy saving project for the construction of 30 days to complete, and in maintaining the quality of lighting under the premise of the street number 3966 optimization.

In March 1, 2012, the project through the acceptance of formal operations, quickly show running good results. Through networking and intelligent lighting control system, can clearly grasp the operation of every street lamps, each lamp position, voltage, current, power and energy saving project situation accurately display and on the map, "dark lights, lights, lights dawn people, few people turned dark, change the lamp dimming not demand causing unnecessary waste, improve the quality and efficiency of operation of lighting.

According to the 24 months provided by Power Grid Corp (March 5, 2012 to March 5, 2014) the project operation data, surface brightness increased by 10%-30%, the average energy saving rate of more than 55%, save electricity 5 million 700 thousand yuan, the average annual electricity savings of 2 million 850 thousand yuan, annual energy saving 3 million 160 thousand degrees, equivalent to 1106 tons of standard coal, reduce 2876 tons of carbon dioxide, 27 tons of sulfur dioxide, 8 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions.

Not only that, the project maintenance efficiency, precision and convenience have won praise. Because the project street management fine, accurate control, optical components to ensure efficient, balanced and comfortable lighting effect, reduce the maintenance cost and fault rate of energy-saving lighting equipment, management and maintenance of municipal street pressure greatly reduced. In addition, the street networking management platform can also achieve docking extension, air monitoring, public security, traffic monitoring, harmonious community, environmental protection and other functions of many smart city.

This year the 23 thousand lamp will replace LED lamp

The Luogang District authorities statistics show that at present, Eastern, Yonghe, Kowloon, Science City, Luogang street, Biological Island belongs to a total of 24593 municipal street lights, the annual power consumption of about 36 million 320 thousand degrees, years of electricity 32 million 790 thousand yuan. The intelligent energy-saving lamps, the annual electricity savings of about 25 million 420 thousand degrees, annual savings of about 22 million 950 thousand yuan electricity, reduce carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other greenhouse gas emissions of about 23969 tons. This shows that Luogang District has built a huge saving space of regional municipal street, the maintenance efficiency also has the very big promotion space.

The proposal sponsor district construction and Municipal Gardens Bureau reply explicitly mentioned, according to the Guangzhou municipal government promulgated "Guangzhou city public lighting application field of LED lighting products work program" requirements, Luogang District this year to complete the 23 thousand street lamp, road lamp replacement for LED. At the same time, will actively cooperate with the relevant units in the region to carry out the plan of building intelligent lighting system, summarize the successful experience of project demonstration area, built in Luogang city gradually promote the use of me, to lay the foundation for the popularization and application of knowledge city.

It is understood that the proposed area construction and Municipal Gardens Bureau formulated the "Luogang District public park road, promote the use of LED lighting products" implementation plan, network lighting control system application, LED lamp intelligent management platform to build a unified, LED lights all the transformation of single lamp intelligent management, new public road, the Park to achieve a single lamp adjustable controllable monitoring, the realization of the LED lamp life cycle regulation, and on the road lighting load intelligent control and effective management. At the same time, in accordance with provincial and municipal relevant documentation requirements, to encourage the use of contract energy management mode, through public bidding, the street is reconstructed by the energy service company.