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Innovation, FT6800A series of high-power programmable DC electronic load listed

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


FT6800A series is a high power by Shenzhen Feisi tech technology Co. Ltd. introduced programmable DC electronic load, a single power from the 1600W-10400KW, current up to 1500A, voltage up to 500V, and a FT6800A electronic load can synchronous cascade more power, mainly used for high power supply system, power battery electric power, electronic components and other products, the aging test. The series of electronic load has a perfect protection circuit to ensure that the product can work for a long time in harsh working environment, and in the large current and high power input, still has high resolution and high precision. Belongs to FT6800 series high-power programmable DC electronic load, CC, CV, both CR and CP Basic test mode, but also provide dynamic testing and test sequence to simulate the change of dynamic load at the same time, customers can simulate short-circuit operation through the button. This series of products integrated voltage and current measurement function timely and accurate, the user can on-line voltage measurement and adjustment timely, and standard RS232/USB/GPIB communication interface connected to the computer through these interfaces, the instruction system uses standard can achieve remote monitoring. FT6800 series flexible operation, the color display, digital key knob and the front panel, you can in the electronic load operation and quick setting; the battery capacity load has unique features, which makes it have unique advantages in the field of battery testing; load and electric current, voltage and power temperature, voltage, a series of anti equal protection function, can provide a full range of protection to the load itself and the tested device, effectively ensure the FT6800A series of product quality and reliability. In addition, faith for the FT6600A series provides a set of load free software, the software is in addition to functional software provides a variety of test function, also provides a convenient visual analysis of the image data and function, easy to record and test report print output function and facilitate data processing export data modification function that brings great convenience to test your work. Faeth FT6800A series of high-power programmable DC electronic load with its high price, perfect performance, simple operation will become the best choice for R & D, production and application of power system test etc..