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Jiangsu Suzhou 40 million yuan renovation of city lighting

Time:2018-03-27 FONT:bigMinmin


This year, the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of finance of Jiangsu province for city lighting special funds is expected to exceed 40 million yuan, many aspects mainly involves the urban roads and village residential lighting facilities renovation, the old village transformation, energy-saving lighting, lighting landscape lighting facilities overhaul upgrading, transformation, three meter street lamp control box remote terminal equipment.

The key project of city lighting "firefly" plan. Since July 2013, city lighting "firefly" project was officially launched, aimed at resolving the Suzhou District People in public areas without lights, lack of public lighting lamp. As of May 31st this year, received a total of 127 applications for lamp installation, meet the installation conditions there are 69 copies of 172 sets, so far a total of 39 installed 117 sets.

The palace lantern lamp overhaul project. This year, Zhu Hui Lu, Xinshi Road, 6 road 463 sets of lanterns type lamps will complete overhaul. The old village renovation plans to install 1544 sets of lights, light from a 24 watt energy-saving lamps instead of original 15 Watt LED light source, is expected to save 47 thousand yuan after completion of the transformation. With the urban road overhaul plan, the old road lighting facilities renovation schedule, not because of repeated excavation and construction, resulting in the use of financial capital waste.

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