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LED shuffle tide sample: Ningbo globe optoelectronics is coming up.

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According to the latest news of the press, as a typical photoelectric enterprise in Ningbo, where LED lighting industry is concentrated, Ningbo Global Investment Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Yu Su Pu") has been deeply involved in debt crisis recently.

"In fact, in recent years, because of poor sales, the LED company of the company has been in a loss. Before that, the company began to invest in the diversified investment of listed companies and banks, and the profits gained back to the optoelectronics industry. However, in the second half of 2013, it was difficult for the company to manage. Banks do not want to carry out a rollover crisis. One insider said.

According to its introduction, the total debts owed by the government are more than 400 million yuan, most of which are bank and trust loans. The rest are private and corporate loans. The bank loans have been defaulted in Huaxia Bank, Bank of China, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Ningbo bank.

The reporter called the company and did not get in touch.

LED shuffle tide sample

Yu Si Pu Group was founded in Ningbo in 2004, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. Before the shutdown in the second half of 2013, it owns the subsidiary of Ningbo world wide Au Optronics Co (Ningbo globe photoelectric), Ningbo global Yu Pu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Ningbo Yu Si Pu Real Estate Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shanghai Food Co., Ltd.

It is understood that the LED started with the development and production of electronic energy-saving lamps and flat panel televisions as the two main pillar industries.

The material of a trust program recommended by the reporter revealed that the peak sales in 2010 were 200 million yuan and about 20000000 yuan in profit. The export of special energy-saving lamps ranked ninth among domestic counterparts.

However, it is understood that with the domestic LED industrial park everywhere, related businesses in 2006 before and after intensive influx. On the contrary, in recent years after the global economic crisis, the export of LED products has shrank sharply, and the overcapacity of the industry has been unusually obvious.

Shi Jishou, chairman of the group of Yu Si Pu Group, also admitted that after 2008, the sales performance of the factory went down step by step because of the bad export situation of the country. After a few years, the LED sector even lost money for a while.

To this end, the yusa group has made two adjustments. One is that optoelectronic companies are doing well in their work. They have stepped up the work of Ningbo global photoelectric IPO, and have entered the guidance period around 2011. On the other hand, they have invested in capital operation and have participated in the stock rights of listed companies such as Ningbo construction company and Lanzhou bank.

"In 2012, the overcapacity of domestic LED industry has attracted much attention, and the listing of optoelectronic enterprises has been basically sealed off. Although the operation income of the group is mainly supplied by global optoelectronics, short-term listing is basically impossible." The person familiar with the matter said.

It is understood that the crisis broke out in the second half of 2013. At that time, because Ningbo global photoelectric has been in a state of great loss, many loan companies have strong desire to quit. In July of that year, a loan company had been frozen up for a loan from overseas sales of the overseas group.

This incident immediately attracted the attention of other banks. For example, it was learned that yup group had about 40 million loans in Ningbo bank and four loans. The earliest one expired in August 2013. However, in view of the freezing of overseas contributions from yup group, the Bank of Ningbo quickly announced all loans to yup. Period.

Bank of Lanzhou is frozen by multi parties

After the Bank of Ningbo, Huaxia Bank Ningbo branch, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Ningbo Simon sub branch, Bank of China Ningbo Yinzhou branch also announced that all loans were due due to major changes in the company, and filed a lawsuit against the company in the first quarter of 2014.

"Initially estimated, the bank loan of the Yu Si Pu Group is 300 million -4 billion yuan, and the rest also includes 100 billion yuan private loans." The person familiar with the matter said.

He disclosed that the Bank of China was the main lending bank of the Yu Si Pu Group and had won the credit guarantee of up to nearly 200 million yuan after that. As of now, the Bank of China still has a loan and a letter of credit financing in the litigation stage.

The reporter investigated and understood that in order to expand the amount of financing as far as possible, the company has even been suspected of pledging pledged mortgages. Among them, Yu Si Pu Group has invested in 44 million shares of Lanzhou bank. After that, it used this part of stock as a pledge to Ningbo Hongyuan Hotel and Bank of China.

Taking this pledge as an example, 2013 years ago, the Bank of Lanzhou began to pledge loans to the Bank of China and other institutions in the Bank of Lanzhou. In June of 2013, the capital chain was on the brink of collapse, and the company again pledged 10 million shares of Lanzhou bank shares to the enterprise Borrower Hongyuan Hotel, and then borrowed 4500. Ten thousand. But shortly afterwards, the Hongyuan hotel found that other creditors had frozen the stake in Lanzhou bank.

"Because of disputes over the pledge, the procedures and uncertainties of the creditors' assets will be increased." The person familiar with the matter said.

In addition, it is understood that in 2011, the Jilin trust issued a trust plan to raise about 40 million of the fund. Due to the default of related loans, Jilin trust has also referred to the court. In June 16th, the reporter called the Jilin trust, and the other party said that there was no problem of repayment because of the pledge of Listed Companies in the trust scheme.

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