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Last year, Zhongshan Ancient Town lighting infringement cases accounted for nearly 40% of the whole province.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


In January this year, Zhongshan Ancient Town became a national demonstration base for transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, and it is one of the 6 demonstration bases in the province. The intellectual property rights center of Zhongshan (lighting) has handled more than 500 cases of infringement for enterprises last year, according to the person in charge, which accounts for about 40 percent of the total number of infringement cases in the province, and most of them come from the lighting industry.

On the afternoon of 21 th, vice governor Zhao Yufang and the relevant department leaders of the province went to the research and demonstration base of the transformation and upgrading of the foreign trade industry in Guzhen. After the visit, Zhao Yufang said that the transformation and upgrading of the provincial level foreign trade demonstration base has become a national level. It must play a real exemplary role. It is important to really produce results, technological support and intellectual property protection.

Chen Liangxian, deputy secretary of the Zhongshan Municipal Committee and mayor, accompanied by the research, said that the export of Zhongshan lighting was more than 900 million US dollars last year, and the demonstration and transformation base for the transformation and upgrading of the ancient town's foreign trade serves more than 1500 enterprises. The lighting of the Zhongshan Ancient Town has a great influence in the world, mainly because it pays special attention to transformation and upgrading and technological innovation, and designs and develops with the vision of the world. Recently, a top design team in Italy is favored by the advantage of the intellectual property rights rapid protection center in Guzhen.

In Qi long lighting, Zhao Yufang carefully inquired about the development of the enterprise. When she heard that the head of the business was expected to have a 30% growth in the sales of the company this year, she expressed full approval, and then asked them for advice on customs, inspection and quarantine, taxation and other departments. The person in charge of the company said frankly that the import and export situation in recent years is not ideal, and it can only maintain its size, mainly from domestic sales. Zhao Yufang said that the government should try to lighten the burden of enterprises, do well in services, and encourage enterprises to open up new markets and use the platform built by the government to achieve better development.

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