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Macao Department of civil service LED energy saving

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


The Macao General Administration of Civil Affairs launched the LED energy saving plan at the park and rest area in early 2013, with the desired effect, reducing electricity consumption and maintenance resources.

Since the management facilities of the Department are numerous and scattered, considering the advantages of LED lights and the more mature technology, the Department launched a LED energy saving plan early last year, with the aim of saving energy and reducing the cost of human resources, time and spare parts for maintenance. The selection of the plan includes pond walk, Ho Hsien Park, victory garden and Huashi park. According to the actual situation of the pilot site and surrounding environment, we should replace different LED lighting facilities.

Save electricity 30% to 75%

In May of last year, the Department completed the lighting improvement project in the pedestrian lane of the pond, and installed fifty sets of LED disc lamp headlights with a height of 60W four meters to enhance the brightness and range of the section. And closed six large lamp posts with 24 lights (250W for each) to enhance the energy saving effect. After the completion of the improvement project, the total electricity consumption was reduced by 53% compared with the previous year. Ho Hsien Park completed the lighting improvement project in July last year, replacing four sets of 30W LED garden lamp lampposts in the park with a total of eighty sets. The total electricity consumption was reduced by 31.4% compared with the previous year. In the February, the victorious garden and Huashi park also replaced the fourteen LED and 28 sets of LED garden lantern lamps for the purpose of improvement and improvement in February this year. In the first five months, 43.4% and 57% were saved. In addition, the lighting of Hong Kong Macau docks and parking lots, pedestrian parks and parking lots in the lower ring market was replaced by the LED light tube of 18W. The electricity saving rate also reached 50% to 75%.

Well functioning, few failures

The above lighting system energy saving improvement plan has achieved satisfactory results. In addition to reducing the consumption of electricity, the use of lamps and lanterns has been well functioning since the improvement of the project. Most of them have not failed, reflecting the stability and credibility of LED lamps, greatly reducing the time and cost of maintenance. In the future, the Department will gradually improve and optimize its facilities for public use in the light of the effectiveness of the plan. At the same time, it will achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

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