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Seoul Metro and shopping malls will use LED lights and run-up energy self-sufficiency plan.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Nuclear power has always been a major issue in the world. Since Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster, neighboring countries have paid more attention to the importance of nuclear energy safety. In the South Korean capital of Seoul, in 2011, the One Less Nuclear Power Plant was launched, hoping to achieve the goal of South Korea's nuclear waste by relying on electricity saving in the capital.

The Seoul municipal government will embark on various aspects, such as the installation of solar panels on the roofs of about 10 thousand roofs around the copper bird area and the Mapu area. And reduce the housing tax according to the rate of energy tax, and use smart inductive LED lights in the subway and shopping malls to save unnecessary waste, subsidizing green enterprises, creating employment opportunities, setting up a citizen led foundation, and working with government departments to monitor and increase the consumption of electricity. It is to make Seoul a green city.

According to statistics, although there are no nuclear power plants around Seoul, but the electricity consumption is 10% of the whole country. Therefore, the Seoul municipal government will begin to promote the plan of "one less nuclear power plant", relying on energy self-sufficiency to achieve the goal of saving electricity. In 2011, the energy self sufficiency rate of Seoul was 3%. As for the current energy self sufficiency rate, it has grown to 6.4%, which is not much different from the original estimate of 8% at the end of the year. The Seoul municipal government is forecasting the self-sufficiency rate of 20% in 2020. At present, it is steadily moving towards this goal, hoping to really save the power of a nuclear power plant.

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