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Su will spend 40 million yuan to transform urban lighting and install thousands of LED street lamps.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


At present, there are 88 thousand street lamps in Suzhou. With the continuous development of the city, this number is increasing year by year. Suzhou City finances special funds for urban lighting facilities construction, maintenance and upgrading every year.

In 2014, the special funds for urban lighting in Suzhou were expected to exceed 40 million yuan, mainly involving urban road and new village area lighting facilities transformation, old new village lighting facilities transformation, lighting energy-saving transformation, landscape lighting facilities upgrading, street lamp control box transformation, three remote terminal equipment transformation and so on.

Key projects are: first, urban lighting "firefly" plan. Since July 2013, the city lighting "firefly" program has been launched to solve the problem of public lighting without lights and lights in the public areas of the Suzhou District. As of May 31st this year, there were 127 applications for street lamp installation, and 69 sets of 172 sets met the installation conditions. Up to now, 39 sets of 117 sets have been installed.

The two is palace lantern type street lamp overhaul project. This year, 463 sets of Lantern street lamps will be overhauled on the 6 roads, namely, Zhu Hui Road, Xinshi Road, East Street, Si Qian street, nurturing lane and Zhongjie road. In addition to the luminaire and lamp arm connectors remolding and replacing the aging organic panels, according to the new energy consumption index, the original energy-saving lamps are replaced by LED light sources, and the ballast of sodium lamp is also changed into an electronic ballast, so that the palace lanterns are both beautiful and low in consumption. It is estimated that the road will be 134 thousand and 100 yuan per year after renovation.

The three is the renovation of lighting facilities in the old village. Old village renovation plans to install 1544 sets of street lamps. The light source is changed from the original 24 watt energy-saving lamp to 15 watts LED light source. It is estimated that 47 thousand yuan will be saved after the transformation is completed.

The four is the installation of LED handrail lights on the ramp of the southeast ring overpass. To completely improve the night lighting problem of the ramp of the South East Ring overpass, this year will install 3766 sets of LED handrails on the ramp, which will ensure the illumination required by the driver at night and will not produce glare problems. The project will also have landscape lighting effect. It is expected that the project will be completed by the end of this year.

The five is the transformation of lighting facilities combined with road overhaul. Combined with the urban road overhaul plan, the old lighting facilities transformation of the corresponding roads should be arranged, and the use of financial funds will not be wasted due to repeated excavation and construction. This year will involve Changqing interchange, goose neck Bay 31 street lamps, 1300 meters pipeline, Jiqing street and West Avenue 700 meters pipeline transformation.

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