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Taiwan labor disputes start again, LED factory employees go to the streets to protest for the dispatch.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Hua LED, a factory in Taiwan, moved its factory building in Taoyuan to Hukou, Hsinchu. More than twenty employees were unable to cooperate with the factory because of family factors, but the company was unwilling to propose a plan for the assignment. Several mediation failed. Today they went to the head office of the group and the Ministry of labour to protest, hoping that the management could show sincerity and pay attention to the rights and interests of the workers.

Ms. Xie, who has worked for 14 years in the photoelectric Taoyuan Dashi factory in China, said that in the past more than 10 years, no matter whether overtime work, pay reduction or unpaid leave had made every effort to cooperate with the company, he had been working on the production line for a long time, but his body and eyesight also had problems, but he had done a lot of work for the company. Later on, the company decided to move to Hsinchu. Although the company did not provide a scheme, it had to go to the streets to protest.

Huang Wenyi, a spokesman for Hua Shang electronics, said that the tenancy contract was due and the landlord was reluctant to renew it, so he had to move to Hukou, Hsinchu. The company's relocation is still handled in accordance with the five principles of the Ministry of Labour's mobilization. In addition to providing transportation vehicles, it also grants transportation allowance, because the company will absorb more commuting time. In addition, due to the demand for companies, there is no reason why employees can be sent to work on the grounds of business contraction. At present, more than 20 employees are unwilling to mobilize and will continue to communicate. In addition, Hua Shang photoelectric said that the labor contract did not record the place of work, and the contract for only 1 employees could not be found because of its long history.

Wang Houwei, director of the labor relations division of the Ministry of labor, said that the mobilization of labor must be necessary for the operation of enterprises, and there should be no adverse changes to the working conditions. Employers should also provide necessary assistance in transportation.

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