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The demand for LED lighting in Germany has surged, and Malaysia has taken the lead.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to statistics from Malaysia Foreign Trade Development Corporation (Matrade), Malaysia's LED lighting industry in 2013 achieved a huge leap in German exports, rising from 35.4% US $3 million 900 thousand in 2008 to US $139 million in 2013.

Europe's growing demand for energy conservation and environmental protection is driving the export of Malaysia's lighting products. "Germany is now in the lead in the UK, Italy and France, playing a leading role in the European lighting market." Frankfurt's trade commissioner, S. Jai Shankar, said in a Malaysia newspaper that "high energy prices are forcing German architects, public investors and consumers to turn to more green and energy-efficient lighting solutions."

In addition, maintaining close trade ties between cities is also an important driving force for Malaysia's export demand to Germany. Shankar urged local manufacturers to actively explore and focus on exports from countries such as Austria, Poland and Czech Republic.

The low cost of production in the Asian lighting market has great appeal for European lighting manufacturers who want to move eastward and upgrade their production capacity. The number of products exported from Asia to the European lighting market is also growing. And the Malaysia government will continue to increase investment in its own lighting industry. (Chinese LED net /jasmine compilation)

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