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Us releases LED and OLED research fund plan 2015

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


The US Energy Agency (DOE) will announce the formal fiscal plan for the 2015 fiscal year on the small business innovation research program (SBIR) and the small enterprise technology transfer (STTR) program in August 11, 2014. The agency said that material centric research in the field of LED and OLED was within the framework of the agency's consideration.

Before the formal announcement, the US Department of energy will organize a webinar for interested applicants. In July, 22 will make a summary of the technical areas that are in line with the DOE's consideration. The second webinar will be held in August 15th to review the application process.

The letter of intent to apply for financing must be submitted before September 2nd. The formal application will end in October 14th. The DOE is expected to announce its results in January of next year, and grants will also be issued in February.

In addition, the US Department of energy will launch the next solid state lighting (SSL) market development conference scheduled for from November 11 to 13, 2014. Shortly after that, the agency will announce its location. (translated by /LEDinside Nicole)

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