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Visit no longer "gloomy" LED lights into the tomb of Han Guangling king.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


The Han culture of the Han Dynasty Guangling Tomb Museum in Yangzhou has the local characteristics of Yangzhou. After the death of the first generation of the Western Han Dynasty, the king of Guangling, Liu Xu, after he died, enjoyed the "Tomb of the Yellow River" and the tomb of the wooden coffin, with a large scale and rigorous structure. It was one of the largest Han Tombs in the country. It has been over two thousand years ago.

Before entering the exhibition hall, because the dim light, many tourists first feeling is too gloomy here, in the heart is more or less afraid.

Li Bin, curator of the Tomb Museum of the Han Dynasty in Guangling, Yangzhou, said that since its opening to the outside world, the exhibition hall has been upgraded in 2003. More than 10 years later, the display boards in the exhibition hall of the tomb 1 are somewhat obsolete, and the lines are aging. In terms of preservation, there are hidden dangers in safety. "This exhibition hall will enhance lighting and line. In the past, we should consider building atmosphere of tombs. This adjustment, we should pay more attention to standing in the perspective of ordinary tourists, and create better atmosphere for visitors while providing better visitors. Therefore, the lights in this exhibition hall are all replaced by LED lights, and the brightness is enhanced, so that visitors can see the structure of the tombs more easily. "

Reporters looked at the exhibition hall, there is no longer a dim place, look down, through the LED light, you can see that the Guangling King enjoy the "yellow intestines together" wooden coffin tomb structure, but also can clearly see the stairs in the exhibition hall, will not worry about falling down.

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