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Yulin Market: LED lights and energy-saving lamps evenly share the world.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Yulin metropolitan lighting market has completed the replacement of incandescent lamps ahead of schedule, and LED lights have become the rising stars after the energy-saving lamps. Incandescent lamps, once widely known, have disappeared from people's vision.

Incandescent lamp delisting is the general trend.

The reporter visited more than 10 lamps and lanterns shops in Yulin, and found that there was only one sale of incandescent lamps, such as 25W, 40W, 60W and so on, ranging in price from 1 yuan to 2 yuan. Sales staff said that the number of incandescent lamps sold was not large, and there were not many customers to purchase, mainly because some residential staircases were used for induction lamps, and some rural hatchery and a few farmers were still using it.

Another official of the outlet shop said he only had some incandescent lamps below 40W for sale. Mr. Guan told reporters that under the influence of national policies, incandescent lamps above 60W could not be delivered. At present, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps are the protagonists of the lamps and lanterns market, and the incandescent lamp withdrawing from the market is the general trend.

Lighting market main LED lights

"From the second half of last year, our shop has all been replaced by LED lights." Ms. Chen, an electrical lighting shop in the West Road, said that the development of LED lamps was too fast. 3-4 years ago, when she just introduced LED lights, there were only a few shops selling LED lamps in Yulin. In the main market of lamps and lanterns such as Yucheng Ring Road and industrial products market, LED lamps have become the main products of all shops in Yulin.

The owner of a lamp shop said that as long as customers do not specify energy-saving lamps, they recommend the use of LED lights. "Since January of this year, the sales of LED lamps in our shop have exceeded the sales of energy saving lamps, reaching 60%."

It is understood that such a situation is mainly due to the rapid decline in the price of LED lamps. With the gradual maturity of LED lighting technology and market, the price of brand lamps and lanterns has come down last year, and the market price of LED lamps has begun to go down. Take a brand of 24W ceiling lamp for example, two years ago, the retail price was 400 yuan, and it can only be bought at 200 yuan. A LED bulb 2 yuan 3-4 yuan a year, now 1-2 yuan, or even 5-6 cents before you can buy it. "Before a LED lamp's lamp bead is broken, the whole lamp needs to change, now only needs to change the burnt bulb." One lighting industry indicated that the LED lighting technology was mature and the maintenance cost was also reduced.

In addition, LED lamps are more energy efficient than ordinary energy-saving lamps. A 18W LED lamp is equivalent to the brightness of a 40W energy saving lamp. If you calculate 6 hours in a day, a 40W energy saving lamp will have 87.6 degrees of electricity a year, while the 18W LED lamp only needs 39.42 degrees of electricity, saving 48.18 times than the energy saving Lantern Festival.