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Canton Tower will cost tens of millions of yuan to add LED "new makeup".

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


As the Guangzhou business card, the Canton Tower nightscape lights will be transformed. After nearly 4 and a half years' use of the Canton Tower nightscape lighting system, local renovation will be carried out for the first time to increase the LED lamp beads to enhance the performance of the nightscape lighting system.

At present, Guangzhou new TV Tower Construction Co., Ltd. has begun bidding for the procurement of Canton Tower night scene lighting renovation project and related supporting services. The proposed investment is more than 10 million yuan and the transformation range is 355.2 meters to 407.2 meters.

The Canton Tower was officially lit before the national day of 2010. The tender price is RMB 10 million 16 thousand and 128 yuan (including three years' free maintenance). The source of funds is raised by Guangzhou new TV Tower Construction Co., Ltd.

According to the relevant documents of Guangzhou city investment group, the total area of nightscape lighting in Canton Tower is about 8500 square meters, which will be divided into two phases. The first phase is to transform the above part of the D function (that is, more than 355 meters). The total height is 52 meters, the area is about 6500 square meters, and the two phase is to the D function section (that is 334 meters to 355 meters). For lighting transformation, the total height is 20 meters and the area is about 2000 square meters.

The existing light engineering in Canton Tower has been used for more than three years, and its design comes from a special nightscape lighting design team. The entire tower is equipped with 6696 sets of 55 watt LED lamps and 44 sets of 300 Watt LED lighting lamps. It not only allows the whole waist to change the endless collocation, but also makes the building facade consume about 5 watts per square meter, and the power consumption is almost 1/3 of the national standard.