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Chongqing taxi LED screen "Oolong door", "drug LED into an accomplice"

Time:2018-03-27 FONT:bigMinmin


The head halo of high-tech LED increasingly favored by consumers, borrow LED screen confession, or use the LED lighting decorate festive atmosphere is below about LED news It is often seen., however, was dumbfounding, even the criminals also eyeing the high-tech gadgets.

Chongqing taxi LED screen writing robbed passers-by aghast

Chongqing Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County police received more than the day before yesterday evening call, called a taxi LED appearing on the screen I was robbed, please alarm for help information. Many people are frightened, worried about robbery occurred in a taxi. One night he saw in front of the public alarm, taxi LED screen has been flashing I was robbed, please alarm ", that is the alarm signal emitted by the driver.

Chongqing City Public Security Bureau Traffic and Patrol Police Corps yesterday confirmed the "robbery" Oolong event, and the masses of enthusiastic alarm behavior to praise. In fact, a taxi driver accidentally according to the emergency button leads, when the police found the driver, the driver himself is ignorant of the matter.

30 million K LED light poison hidden escape dog nose

Taiwan area to the black market price of more than 30 million toxic xuexiao NT (below) 72 kg K drugs hidden in his life through LED lamp holder, Keelung customs bureau 2 dogs (Bernie Bernie), Mason (Mason): smell.

Keelung customs inspection group sniffer dogs team of 3 routine inspection of container station into Bernie and Mason, two dogs riding in a number of LED lamps do not go from the mainland to Taiwan, not before the customs declaration, jerquer check one box, determine the LED holder is clamped K his life.

Prosecutors with the freight company escort the goods to a recipient address, see a 20 year old man surnamed Li signed an arrest receipt.

Li said that he was junior high school female students received instructions Lin of the goods, the price is $100 thousand. Lin said the female is nicknamed "monkey man o" to 200 thousand yuan price to collect Tsai boyfriend the goods, she is not her boyfriend, looking for Lee junior classmates signed receipt.

Prosecutors pointed out that this batch of LED lamps, a total of 39 boxes, 1404 LED lamp holder are concealing 1 bags weighing 150 g K his life, by counting the total weight of 72 kg, after hearing the CAI male charge is approved, looking behind the drug.

LED the first non possession in April this year, the Changhua survey station also seized a similar case, the drug will be 80 kg K his life in Tibet checkpoints LED lamp battery box.