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Energy Star LED bulbs sell more than 45 million annual sales.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


The energy star website recently revealed that in the first challenge launched by the EPA, the energy star certified LED bulbs sold more than 20 million. Replacing such a huge amount of traditional bulbs will help us save more than $118 million in energy costs every year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 3 million 500 thousand vehicles.

In the past year, from April 22, 2013 to April 22, 2014, many retailers in the US including Ace Hardware, Best Buy and home depot participated in this challenge. They publicize Energy Star LED bulbs in notification letters, websites and in store exhibitions to help consumers understand their multiple benefits. In addition, the purchase subsidies also make these bulbs more price advantage, in line with the choice of ordinary consumers. Although sales have been reported to be 20 million, the EPA estimates that the total sales of energy star LED bulbs last year exceeded 45 million.

Many retailers are giving priority to the promotion of energy star LED bulbs, because they want to give consumers the best lighting experience. As a government supported certification, the Energy Star label indicates that the bulb has been independently certified and has undergone numerous tests to ensure performance, achieve high brightness and match the light distribution of traditional bulbs.

What we must understand is that compared with the same light efficiency incandescent lamp, energy star LED bulb saves 70%-90% energy consumption and prolongs its service life by 25 times. A single energy star certified lamp can save $40-135 in electricity costs during its life cycle.