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Huizhou street lights enter the LED era and save more than 50% of electricity in the year.

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In July 4th, street lamp installers worked on Huizhou Avenue, replacing street lamp posts and installing a new LED street lamp. According to the city lighting management office, except for the Huizhou Avenue section being replaced, Huizhou has basically completed the LED street lamp replacement work before the end of last year.

In 2012, Guangdong Province promulgated the implementation plan of popularizing the use of LED lighting products in Guangdong province. It required that all new projects in the public lighting area of the province be LED lights, and the original non LED lighting products used in the PRD area should be transformed in batches.

In September 2013, Huizhou city held a promotion meeting to promote the application of LED lighting products. At the meeting, a total of 87623 public lighting lamps needed to be rebuilt (newly built) in Huizhou were introduced. Most of the units or tenders of the Huizhou public utilities authority and counties (districts) have been completed or tenders. By the end of 2013, all street lamps in the city will be replaced by LED street lamps. Meanwhile, according to the spirit of the relevant documents of the provincial government and the municipal Party committee, the LED street lamps must be installed on all new road lights in Huizhou since October 2012.

"The replacement work was basically completed at the end of last year, and Huizhou Avenue is an exception." According to Xu Junping, deputy director of the city lighting management office, Huizhou road has basically been replaced by LED street lights at the end of last year. The lamp post of Huizhou Avenue has been used for more than 10 years, and it needs to be replaced. Due to technical and formalities, it is delayed until recently.

How much electricity can LED lights save? The media estimates that electricity saving is more than 50% in the year.

Yesterday, street lamp installation staff installed lanterns and lamps on the green belt of Huizhou Avenue. According to the introduction, the number of street lamp tiles on each section is not the same. It is mainly divided into sidewalks and green belts. The original street lamp on the green belt is 400 watts and will be replaced by 150 Watt LED street lamps, which will theoretically save 62.5% of the electricity.

Last year, the media estimates that nearly 90 thousand street lamps will be saved by more than 50% a year after they are replaced by LED street lamps. The total number of street lamps and landscape lamps in the main city is estimated to be about 60 thousand. After replacing with LED, the electricity consumption is 46 million 277 thousand degrees per year, and the annual electricity saving is 39 million 335 thousand and 400 yuan.

In this regard, Xu Junping said that the specific energy saving data has not yet been statistics, can not give an answer, but is preparing to invite professional institutions to calculate.

What do citizens think of LED street lamps? The light is soft, and the rain is foggy.

According to the introduction, the traditional street lamps often use high-pressure sodium lamp, because of its large loss of light, resulting in huge waste of energy. The LED street lamp is the best choice for road lighting energy saving transformation due to its advantages of directional lighting, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response speed, high aseismic capacity, long service life and green environmental protection.

Miss Hu believes that LED street lamps give a soft white light, the road looks more natural, and objects will not appear yellow shadows like the old street lamps. The driver, Mr. Liu, thinks that in case of rain and fog, the LED street lamp is not open. In addition to seeing the luminaire, the road will appear dim.

In this regard, a LED lamp manufacturer in Boluo has confirmed that the LED street lamp uses white light, and its penetrability is not as good as that of yellow light. The radiation ability of rain and fog weather is relatively poor.

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