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Intelligent control system for LED street lamp in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the online report of Zhongguancun, Hsinchu city of Taiwan has upgraded traditional street lamps to LED street lamps with high luminous efficiency since 2013, and has achieved good results in energy conservation. Now Hsinchu has upgraded a number of mercury lamps and equipped with intelligent street lamp control system.

According to the Hsinchu municipal government, 7 of the 35000 street lamps in the city have been replaced and upgraded to LED street lamps. The annual electricity saving is 34 million 350 thousand NT NT (about 6 million 900 thousand yuan), of which 6500 LED streetlights are equipped with intelligent control system.

The Taiwan Executive Yuan has designated Hsinchu, Chiayi and Keelung to participate in the "LED street lamp demonstration city plan". The implementation rate of Hsinchu is ranked first. The traditional mercury lamp with high power consumption has a good energy saving effect and a lower failure rate after upgrading.

Intelligent street lamps provide monitoring functions by connecting the network platform. The use of LED street lamps can not only save electricity bills, reduce maintenance, and efficient lighting will also enhance the night landscape effect of Hsinchu Road, and create the image of green technology city.