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Jiangsu market LED lights 70% electromagnetic compatibility is not qualified

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau released the quality analysis report of LED lighting products and energy-saving lamps in the first quarter of 2014. The pass rate of 103 batches of LED lamps was 60.2%, and the qualified rate of 50 batches of products sold on the market was only 30%, and there were many quality problems.

In this sampling inspection, the LED lamps fail to qualifying projects are mainly focused on electromagnetic compatibility. Shi Zhaoyang, senior engineer of the national semiconductor lighting product quality supervision and inspection center, said that electromagnetic compatibility mainly reflects the interference of LED lights when running to other household appliances. If unqualified, it may lead to the distribution system or other electrical and electronic products connected to the system can not work normally.

There are more than 2000 kinds of lighting enterprises in Jiangsu province. Among them, there are more than 500 manufacturers of LED lighting and electrical appliances, more than 1200 manufacturers of lamps and lanterns, more than 400 electric light sources, more than 100 manufacturers of ballasts, triggers, lamp holders and lamp feet. Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau recently released the quality report of LED lighting products and energy saving lamps, of which the qualified rate of LED for market sales is only 30%.

Spot checks 85 batches of energy-saving lamps pass rate of 69.4%

"Jiangsu is one of the most important production bases for light sources in China. It has the advantages of complete industrial chain and large number of enterprises." Liu Jue engineer of power saving light source product quality supervision and inspection center told reporters that Jiangsu energy saving lamp production lights and accessories production enterprises more than 500, mainly in Yancheng, Changzhou, Yangzhou, Wuxi, Suqian and other regions.

According to the results of spot checks, 85 batches of energy saving lamps were selected, covering 59 major brands and models, with a pass rate of 69.4%. Among them, there are 35 batches of product quality supervision and spot checks in the field of production, 33 batches of qualified products, 94.3% pass rate, 50 batches of commercial product quality risk monitoring, 26 qualified batches, and 52% qualified samples.

Jiangsu market sales of LED lights pass rate of only 30%

In Jiangsu, the proportion of LED lighting products is also quite high. There were 103 batches of supervision and spot checks, including 53 batches of product quality supervision and spot checks in the field of production, 47 batches of qualified products, and a 88.7% pass rate. There are 50 batches of quality risk monitoring for commercial products, of which 15 are qualified, with a pass rate of 30%, and there are many quality problems.

According to the deputy director of the national semiconductor lighting product quality supervision and inspection center, Shi Zhaoyang, through the analysis of the sampling results of Jiangsu production units and circulation areas, it shows that the overall quality of Jiangsu's products is better than that of the current circulation products. At the same time, the proportion of 3C lighting or CQC certification for LED lighting products of Jiangsu enterprises is about 40%, which is also higher than that of similar products in circulation field. However, judging from the photoelectric color performance, the proportion of our province's high level products is not high in terms of initial optical efficiency, power factor, color rendering index and related color temperature.