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LED Jun is in trouble again: how many people are there in a billboard?

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the youth times, how terrible is the power of Internet opinion? Why is the LED screen shot repeatedly?

Yesterday (26) at 20:34, WeChat friends "mountain footplate" to make friends circle: the area next to the mall light pollution is too big, must draw the curtain at night. Who can I complain to?

The grand commercial center is located at the intersection of Whelan road and Mingzhu street in Ding Qiao town. In February 6th this year, the commercial center was put into use. Around them, there are densely populated areas such as Ding Qiao Yi Garden, Crown Park, Ding Qiao family garden and so on.

Recently, a 10 square meter electronic LED billboard on the square has caused residents' dissatisfaction. Mr. Feng, who lives in Ding Qiao yuan yuan, has called the 96310 city management hotline, which reflects the sound nuisance of billboards. It starts at around 9 in the morning and plays until 10 p.m. Moreover, the billboard is brightly coloured with high hue saturation, and advertisements, video clips and Flash animations can be broadcasted and broadcasted.

The members of the Jianggan District City Administration Bureau's Ding bridge squadron sent to the investigation found that the management units could not produce the relevant examination and approval procedures, and the law enforcement officers issued the "notice for rectification and rectification", and asked the management units to strengthen the management of the billboards during the period of the examination and approval procedures. On the two days, the billboard was closed from 6 p.m. and the latest closing time was adjusted from 10 to 8 p.m.

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