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LED lighting is coming: Russia will increase imports.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Russia's business consulting website reported on June 16th that the Russian LED luminaire Market survey launched by express commentary pointed out that over the past 3 years, the Russian LED luminaire Market has doubled over the past year. The driving factor of market growth is not only the increase in imports of LED lamps, but also the growth of domestic output. According to the data of Russian Federation National Bureau of statistics, the output of LED lamps increased by nearly 1.5 times in 2012. According to the plan, the new capacity of LED lamps will be built in the next few years. It is expected that the production of Russian LED lamps will continue to grow.

With regard to the import of LED lamps, according to the conditions of Russia's accession to the WTO, tariffs on LED lamps will decrease year by year, and zero tariffs will be imposed by 2015. This will not only reduce the average price of imported LED lamps, but also lead to an increase in imports. However, according to the analyst estimate of the express commentary company, despite this, the dependence of the LED luminaire Market will gradually decrease with the increase of Russian domestic output.

Commentary of the company's experts predict that in the next few years, with the increase of the popularization rate of LED lamps, the market will continue to maintain a relatively high growth rate in physical form. On the contrary, the average price of the market will decline, which will lead to a lower market growth rate in the form of value.

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