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More than 3900 street lamps in Shenzhen replace LED

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Recently, the reporter learned from the Baolong City Management Office of Longgang street, which upgraded and upgraded the street lights of Baolong community municipal road, and more than 3900 street lamps were replaced by LED energy-saving lamps.

According to the person in charge of Baolong City Management Bureau, the LED energy saving lamp is more environmentally friendly and electricity saving than ordinary lights. The average monthly electricity charge is about 300 thousand yuan, and now it is about 200 thousand yuan per month, saving nearly 1/3 of the electricity charge. At the same time, it further reduces the operation and maintenance costs of urban road lighting facilities, reduces the failure rate, saves about 15 thousand yuan per month, and significantly improves luminance than before, so that the service function of urban road lighting facilities is further improved.

It is understood that Baolong city management center has always been the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation throughout the street lamp management work, vigorously promote the application of LED lighting products, since 2012 began to carry out the LED energy saving lamp replacement of the district lights, this year is to do a good job in the replacement of LED energy saving lamps, after the implementation of the step by step, the area will eventually be 3900. Several street lamps have been replaced. At the same time, raising the lighting rate of street lamps and ensuring that the lighting rate reaches over 99% has been well received by the higher authorities and the masses.

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