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People's Tucao LED street lights are a little colder.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Mr. Hung said that in recent years, LED street lamps have been launched outside many shopping malls and office buildings in Longgang central city of Shenzhen, but most of them are white. Although the white LED street lamps are bright, they are not soft enough. From the angle of driving and pedestrians, the color is a little colder and can be changed to orange. Colors such as soft dots?

A few days ago, a visit to the central city of Longgang noticed that at some junctions along the Long Xiang Avenue, the light of the LED street lamp was very bright at night, and the bright light could be seen far away, but it was a bit dazzling. This is especially obvious for the owner.

In this regard, the Longgang District Urban Management Bureau official said, the public has a certain reason for the color of LED street lights, in recent years, the City Management Bureau has also constantly studied how to improve. At first, the color of the street lamp was yellow, and then changed to LED street lamp, which turned into a white light.

The official said that many parts of the city were also white, and later, in order to maintain consistency with the city, they also chose the white LED street lamp. In 2013, a batch was changed, so this batch is all white. Next, from 2014 to 2015, we are going to change the two to three batches. Next, we will give full consideration to the opinions of the public, and then fully demonstrate with the opinions of experts, and strive for a more scientific conclusion.

Some people said that according to their understanding, in some developed countries and regions, they use orange red street lamps and only use white on special roads. Therefore, if we do not have enough yellow street lighting on some large main roads, we can use white road lights, but in less spacious sub roads. Or can we use orange LED street lights on the path?

Longgang District Urban Management Bureau official said, the LED street lamp transformation problem, the City Management Bureau has also done a lot of work, because LED street lamps are energy-saving products, next environmental protection and energy conservation still need to be promoted, because to save money, this is still to be changed.

The person in charge said that the penetration and illumination of incandescent lamps were really good. In haze weather, orange and yellow streetlights had poor penetration. At the same time, incandescent lamp glare, will feel dazzling, and orange and yellow light is warm, the public will look very comfortable and warm, so next will communicate with the relevant departments in the city, see how to improve.

Under the premise of energy saving, the brightness of LED street lamps is natural. However, under the premise of ensuring brightness, people should also consider the travel experience of citizens, fully integrate the brightness and comfort, so as to truly implement the humanistic city.

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