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Shenzhen LED lighting project support up to 15 million

Time:2018-03-27 FONT:bigMinmin


Shenzhen daily news, learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, circular economy and energy saving special funds to support the plan of registration for yesterday (21) day officially started, Shenzhen city water desalination, kitchen waste harmless treatment, energy-saving motors in the fields of high quality demonstration projects will receive direct government subsidy for special funds.

According to reports, the key support fields of circular economy demonstration projects, energy saving, emission reduction and pollution control, water-saving four aspects. The circular economy demonstration project mainly includes TTCE project Park, construction, electronics, kitchen waste harmless treatment and resource utilization projects, waste classification, recycling, incineration power generation projects, re manufacturing projects; energy saving including motor system energy saving, energy system optimization, heat and pressure utilization, efficient LED green lighting project; emission reduction and pollution prevention mainly includes high efficiency dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification, volatile organic treatment, dust control projects; including water-saving water-saving transformation project, rain, water collection and utilization project, seawater desalination and direct use projects.

According to the relevant provisions of the "Interim Measures" Shenzhen city of circular economy and energy-saving emission reduction management of special funds, special funds in these areas set up application, energy saving and emission reduction technology of circular economy demonstration projects, national and provincial projects, supporting clean production enterprises to support 4 sub projects, adopt direct subsidies to support. The application of technology for energy saving and emission reduction projects, recycling economy demonstration project, according to the comprehensive evaluation results, the amount of subsidy for each project according to a certain proportion approved by the experts of the project to determine the amount of fixed assets, the maximum not more than 15 million yuan. Subsidies for the purchase of equipment and equipment needed for project construction and the necessary software.

Development and reform, national or provincial finance, the letter (by letter), housing construction, water conservancy and other departments in Shenzhen to organize the implementation of circular economy and energy-saving emission reduction projects in accordance with the amount of subsidy is not higher than the national standards for supporting the province; supporting the project in accordance with the amount of subsidy is not higher than the standard of 50% province in conjunction.

Through the clean production enterprises in Guangdong Province identified enterprises or obtain "Cleaner Production Partnership" Guangdong logo enterprises can apply for special funding to support clean production enterprises in the support of the plan.

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