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Taiwan compulsory inspection of LED bulbs since July

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


The standard Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan announced today that the mandatory inspection of LED bulbs will be carried out in July. If it is sold without inspection and verified, it will be fined more than NT $200 thousand or less than 2 million yuan. In recent years, the awareness of energy saving and environmental protection has been improved. The LED lamp has gradually become one of the sources of lighting in modern life due to its characteristics of low power consumption, long life and fast reaction speed.

However, the Inspection Bureau has received the consumer and guild to reflect that with the rapid development of LED bulb products, the related products' labels or specifications often cause confusion for consumers. In order to protect the safety of consumers, the inspection bureau announced in January 6th this year that since July 1st, the LED lamp products will be subject to mandatory inspection. Performance and electromagnetic interference.

The Inspection Bureau said that since July 1st of this year, if imported or Taiwan made LED bulbs were sold without inspection and verified, the fine will be imposed on the sixtieth article of commodity inspection law, with a fine of more than 200 thousand yuan or 2 million yuan.

As for products imported or produced before July 1st, the officials of the inspection bureau pointed out that as long as manufacturers obtain relevant manufacturing documents before June 30th, that is, they do not have mandatory inspection and management scope in July 1st, they can still be sold.

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