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Tall: Fujian police distribute LED shoulder lamp night patrol.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Some city management bought Google glasses patrol, and became the focus of public attention for a while. Today, Fujian police deployed LED shoulder lamp night patrol, causing a sensation.

Since May 15th, the Pukou police station in Lianjiang County Public Security Bureau has distributed the police shoulder lights for the night patrol team members. Police on duty wear shoulder lights to carry out night patrols, strengthen public order prevention and control, and bring more sense of security to the masses.

"A lot of people reflect that our town's road lighting facilities are not perfect, leading to inconvenience in travel and low sense of safety at night." Moses Chan, director of the Pukou police station, said that the area with lighter light is often the area where criminals commit crimes. On the basis of drawing on the practices in other countries, the Pukou police station launched the shoulder lamp plan to purchase police shoulder lights for night patrols.

On the evening of May 15th, police officers wore uniform police shoulder lamps to patrol the streets. The 8 shoulder lamps arranged in a row, illuminating the dim Road, attracting many people's attention. The shoulder lamp is made up of 5 LED lights. The light is soft and can be clipped on the shoulder straps. It has two modes: flashover and flashlight. The flashlight can illuminate the area within 400 meters; flashlight mode can be used when recording at night. Police patiently asked the masses to explain one by one. Pukou police station said that with the police shoulder lamp, it can further facilitate the masses to call the police and seek help. Night duty can not only better protect the police's own safety, but also increase the rate of seeing the police, effectively deterring the illegal and criminal acts of the road.   

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