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Thailand intends to intervene in LED lamp price

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


The State Power Supply Bureau of Thailand revealed that the negative growth of electricity consumption in the first 4 months of this year is 1%, which is consistent with the current economic situation. If the political situation is to calm down in the near future, the number of domestic electricity consumption will increase by 2% over the whole year. The power supply bureau will continue to popularize the use of LED energy saving lamps in the public. It intends to intervene in the price of the LED lamp market and control the price of the lamp in the range of 120-130 baht (equivalent to 23-25 yuan).

In a speech at the upcoming "2014 Thailand LED Expo", Shun Chi, director of the Thailand state power supply bureau, said that the electricity consumption in the whole country from 1 to April was 1% negative compared with the same period last year, which will be reduced by about 500 million degrees over the same period last year. This is consistent with the slowdown in the state economy, which is plagued by political problems. It is predicted that if the recent political problems are resolved and the new government is introduced, economic stimulus policies and measures will be promoted, and domestic electricity consumption will probably increase by 2% this year.

Shun Guai said that the growth of the country's economy was negative in the first quarter of this year, indicating that the number of domestic electricity consumption also showed the same trend. At the same time, the power supply bureau is trying to popularize the current use of LED lamp in the public to improve the efficiency of electricity consumption and achieve the effect of saving electricity. The use of LED lamp can increase the efficiency of electricity by 50 to 70 percent. After communicating with the National Office of energy and energy conservation, we intend to use the energy protection promotion fund to stimulate people to replace the use of LED lamp and intervene in the market price of LED lamp, which is controlled at 120-130 baht level of each lamp. At present, the number of LED lamps that have been certified by the national electricity saving efficiency standard No. 5 is about 820 thousand. With the help of government departments, it is estimated that the popularization rate of LED lamps will increase further, and the effect of saving more electric energy will be achieved.

The State Power Supply Bureau's electrical energy saving 5 standard certification system has been implemented for 20 years. It has received 3 billion watts of electricity saving, which is equivalent to saving 100 billion of the new power plant investment.

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